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Ways to wear my latest TSV

Spring time is approaching, and floral prints are back! This Printed Sheer Chiffon Tunic & Tank Set is light, breezy comfortable and stylish. Here are 4 fantastic ways to style this new set:

Look put together at the office when layered with a matching cardigan, white pants and color coordinating shoes.

Transition into the weekend by pairing this top with your favorite denim and white sneakers,

Or get ready for a night out with black bottoms and matching heels.

We make it easy to look your best everyday! Have you received your Tunic and Tank set yet? Let me know what you think of it! How do you style this new set?

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HELP, I love your liquid knit like everyone else. Today I spilled a grease item on my pants, How do I treat it? Thank you for your help.


Hello, also an SG customer seeing your question here. For grease stains I’ve always used Shout Advanced Grease Busting Foam. This Shout formula made just for grease and oil always works for me with all type fabrics. It has saved numerous shirts and pants had somehow obtained a grease or oil stain. Have tried other Shout formulas they have not removed my grease and oil stains. Shout for Grease is harder to locate in stores so usually order it online. Best to you, -Linda


Julie Swick
Julie Swick


my thighs and upper legs are chunky

can you make a wider leg pant. not extremy wide, just a little wider. I would so appreciate it. I love liquid knit and really need this style.



Susan love liquid knit. And now that you have me wearing vests. Could u please make white liquid knit vest with pockets? I am Business Development Manager and need pockets for my business cards. Very professional nice change for jacket. I have two vests, over 6 pairs pants, numerous liquid knit tops.



Hi Susan, I have ordered a few times your tops which I love. My problem is that I am 4'11 in height and your tops are just too long on me. I know you make petite and do have some of your pants which I love. Maybe down the road you can make some tops a little shorter. I buy my tops at Talbots for petite. Thank you for your time. firefly4



I have a A300454 coat, in green, that I love but it needs a new hood. Is there anyway I could order a new hood?

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