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Bold, Beautiful, Black & White!

New York's Fashion Week is an important event inthe fashion world because it defines the year's upcoming fashion trends! During 2014's Fashion Week we saw lots of high contrasting, black and white sporting wear. Monochrome pattern play, geometric designs, graphic prints, stripes, clean lines and color blocking have been given a fresh and modern make-over. Mix layers with different textures, prints with solids and add that "WOW" factor with a pop of color from a belt or clutch! There are so many style combinations… So be bold and have fun! This trend will be around for while!



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A while back, (maybe even a year) Susan had on the most gorgeous black dress shoes. I have been searching the web high and low to find something similar.

As I recall, they were a black wedge and perhaps had a bow on the back. I’d love to find a pair for myself if anyone knows the details.

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