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Shirt Tales!

I’m loving my new line of big shirts I’m calling Shirt Tales! The women's big shirt has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings and I wanted my Shirt Tales to embody this style's great history!

There was a time in the early 20th century when women wouldn’t dare be seen in public wearing anything but a beautiful dress. However, Coco Chanel and the rise of the film industry changed everything and broadened the women’s fashion scene! Then as the century progressed and America fell on hard times we saw women start to dress more relaxed for many reasons. Women now had to work in the factories, with their husbands away they started to wear comfortable, big, dress shirts. High fashion fell tell the wayside as American women helped to keep the country on it’s feet. Of course, as the men returned home and we saw the rise of the suburban family, women began making these big shirts their own! Hollywood noticed, as well as the fashion icons of the day, and we started to see the women’s big shirts everywhere!

I’ve taking this wonderful style and made it my own! Designed in a comfortable, stylish woven fabric and cut to enhance any figure, my Shirt Tales will quickly become your favorite shirt and will keep you looking great throughout the year!



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