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Welcome Stacey Rusch!

As the Susan Graver brand expands, it was important to bring additional talent and expertise to my brand. QVC is a global, worldwide network and often requested my presence in countries outside the U.S.

For the past 20 years I've been squeezing trips to QVC UK between shows in the US, often making the round trip in 3 days. I never want to miss a show or an opportunity to connect with woman here in the US.

Stacey Rusch to the rescue! QVC introduced me to Stacey to develop my brand globally... the perfect missing link. Stacey has traveled the world and recently lived in Germany for 2 years. I was immediately attracted to her beautiful smile and her sense of style.

As Stacey becomes more familiar with my brand, you will see her on air from time to time when I'm not available. Eventually she will be traveling quite a bit for me so I can be here in the US with my loyal QVC family, friends, and loved ones.

Please welcome the addition of Stacey to the QVC family!



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