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Jaclyn's Wedding Plans

If you haven't heard, my daughter Jaclyn is engaged to be married and we are in the midst of making plans. She wants a destination wedding and we are having great fun making arrangements.

We are currently on the search for her wedding gown. With thoughts of possibly designing a dress together I started getting cold feet. Jaclyn lives across the country, I spend a lot of time at QVC, and my favorite seamstress and fabric stores are in New York. So, every time I sketch an idea, the thought of Jaclyn flying back and forth across the country for fit sessions and design approval got me very nervous.

So we started the search and we were very excited to find dresses that we both loved!

We can't wait to share our final dress decision with you! Let the good times roll... For more excitement tune in to QVC Thursday at midnight, 3am, 9am - noon, 2pm - 4pm, and 6pm - 8pm ET. I can't wait to share!! xoxo,


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