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New York City 9/11 Memorial

Recently my husband Rich and I took a boat ride into New York City. Although I lived in New York all my life, this was the first time I took a boat ride into the city and the sites were quite amazing.

For me the most heartwarming sight was getting close to the Statue of Liberty and thinking about the immigrants that traveled from far by boat and how this exact sight gave them hope.

Me and my friends Monica and Gratziella were passengers and we docked the boat in New Jersey and took a water taxi downtown to the Wall Street area and visited the Freedom Memorial.

It was devastating to see. All the victims names are engraved in steel and a white flower is placed daily on their birthday.

There is so much history in downtown New York and although I lived in New York all my life. I never cease to learn and be enamored by the beauty that surrounds this great city.



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17. Okt. 2022

I buy your clothing on QVC. I just love your liquid knit line. I am a senior handicap lady, I wear knee braces on both knees. With knee braces, they like to fall down. They need to be adjusted all the time. In the summer I can wear walking short. In the fall and winter, my old slacks would not work. You can not pull your slacks down in public, to fix a brace. I thought I would have to wear skirts all the time. But you came out with liquid knit with wide bottoms, slits on the side. Just what I needed, to fix those pesty braces. I know you do not design your slacks for that pu…

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