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How To: Wear Florals This Summer

1. Pop of Color: If your wardrobe consists of mostly dark solid colors you may want to brighten up look this summer with a floral blouse. Pair it with your favorite cardigan and a pair of jeans. Inversely, you may want to pair your solid top with a great floral skirt or pant!

2. Reel it in: Florals can be a little too bold and bright for many people. Reel it in and pair it with a great leather jacket and jeans. You'll look stylish and feel more comfortable!

3. Size and Placement: Keep in mind the size and placement of the print. A large print can overwhelm a small frame and vice versa. The placement can also attract your eye to more favorable parts of your figure and detract from the less favorable. Use the print to your advantage!

4. Floral Pant: Printed pants are really hot right now. A bright floral pant can help ring in any summer barbecue. Try going with more muted/pastel colors if you're just getting your feet wet with floral pants. A floral capri or pedal pusher paired with your favorite wedge shoes will go a long way!

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